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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Yale-New Haven Health officials announced during a press conference Friday that they have implemented a no visitors policy, as well as a public plea for civility toward healthcare workers.

“People need to be civil and kind to one another. We have lost that. People pushing and shoving in testing lines does not help anybody,” said Marna P. Borgstrom, CEO of Yale-New Haven Health.

During a virtual press conference, Borgstrom delivered a sobering message heading into the new year.

“The emergency departments, not just in our system, but across the state are overwhelmed with people, things are going to take time, it is not the way any of us operating right now, but it is our reality,” she said.

Health care leaders say their staff is exhausted and exasperated, adding their priority remains safe and appropriate care for their patients and protection of their employees.

“We have implemented a no visitors policy again,” Borgstrom said.

Chief Clinical Officer Thomas Balcezak says that decision was not made lightly and that there will be exceptions on a per-patient basis.

“We understand completely that it is important for patients and their families to be able to visit one another and it is so important to have that human contact and touch, however we just can no longer accommodate that within out institutions,” Balcezak said.

As of Friday, Yale-New Haven Health says they have 19 children hospitalized that have tested positive for COVID, and 5 children in the ICU are COVID positive.

Despite this jump, doctors and researchers say there is no evidence that the Omicron variant is more threatening to children.

“This is common across the united states right now… other children’s hospitals are also reporting that there are large numbers of kids, higher than what they’ve seen in previous waves,” Balcezak said.

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