Two special-election results suggest Republicans have stanched the bloodletting | New York Post


State legislative special elections provide an interesting index of partisan sentiment. That wasn’t so in the late 20th century, when clever local candidates and notables often got voters to cross party lines. But in this century of increasing partisan polarization and straight-ticket voting, local special elections are a proxy for opinion on national issues.

In that light, consider the results of the two special legislative elections that have resulted in a change of parties so far this year.

The first was in Connecticut’s 36th state Senate district on Aug. 17. This is the richest state Senate district in Connecticut and may be the richest in all of America. It includes the super-rich town of Greenwich, where Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of presidents, served as moderator of the Representative Town Meeting for 17 years, plus nearly as rich New Canaan and the northern half of Stamford.

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