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CONNECTICUT (WFSB) -The COVID positivity rate has jumped up again.

Today the state announced we’re now at 17.7 percent, with more than 1,000 people are currently in the hospital.

As those numbers climb, COVID tests are in high demand.

The state ordered three million tests that were set to be distributed to residents tomorrow, but tonight the governor announced they were delayed.

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Last night we told you Rocky Hill residents could pick up their tests here tomorrow.

Now it’s looking like that might not happen.

The state says the tests are delayed because of issues out of shipping and warehouse delays.

After just yesterday announcing plans to distribute rapid COVID tests, city and town officials across the state are now having to postpone.

The governor wrote, “my staff and multiple state agencies have spent the past several days working around the clock to accelerate the movement of our tests through what is clearly a shipping and distribution bottleneck on the west coast…”

Some cities and towns will have to put distribution on hold.

The City of Hartford is keeping their plans as scheduled.

Hartford Director of Health and Human Services Liany Arroyo said, “we just felt it was important to move forward with what we had.”

The city purchased 10,000 of their own tests and decided to move forward distributing those tests while they wait for 15,000 additional tests from the state.

“We purchased maybe about a week and a half two weeks ago we made the decision that we wanted to use some funds we had available to purchase these tests,” said Arroyo.

Now city officials are working with rec. centers, public libraries, and testing sites to distribute those tests.

Tomorrow officials say they’ll have seven sites open to distribute 8,000 tests.

Just like with the state tests, you must be a Hartford resident to get an at-home testing kit.

“Being able to have these tests in family’s hands at a really critically important time before they’re making decision to leave the house if someone’s not feeling well, or after the holidays it’s the last holiday weekend before they might send someone to school or send someone to work, they have the ability to do that,” said Arroyo.

Many towns like Rocky Hill have not officially canceled their testing pick up tomorrow, but they ask that you check your town and cities website for up-to-date information on when the tests will be available.

A spokesperson for Gov. Lamont noted that this delay will not impact the six million N95 masks the state is also expected to receive.

Those masks are expected to be distributed to a certain number of towns starting on Thursday.

It is unclear when the shipment of testing kits are expected to arrive.

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