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(WFSB) – The number of mass COVID-19 testing sites in the state will return, according to Connecticut’s governor.

Connecticut’s COVID-19 positivity rate was at 6.85 percent as of Monday.

Ahead of the holidays, Gov. Ned Lamont said the timing was very important.

The omicron variant is very contagious, according to experts, and having the ability to get tested before people head out for gatherings could really keep the case count down.

That’s the logic behind the announcement.

Mass testing is already happening, but it will be ramped up even more in the next two weeks.

There are 400 sites open now. Seven new sites will be added, while twenty-three will expand their hours.

People will want to get tested and get their results before Christmas on Saturday.

That turnaround is crucial and it’s also something many in Connecticut are worried about.

Sema4 is one of the labs that processes the tests and provides the results.

In late January, they’re going be leaving Connecticut, so some are concerned about getting their results back in a timely manner.

Governor Lamont and his team is addressing those fears.

Gov. Ned Lamont discussed the state’s positivity rate and expanding COVID-19 testing across the state.

“Additional hospitals may be opening up additional testing opportunities and that may be another source, but at least for the state-run sites, we will have a plan in place to be able to pick up those sites,” Lamont says.

The state is prepared to bring out of state medical professionals to bolster our hospital staff.

The northeast is flaring back up with COVID-19 cases. Governor Lamont says this is a bad combination of the Omicron and Delta variants.

For the vaccinated, you can still get sick, but the variant isn’t expected to be as lethal.

While that’s good news, the reality is that if you get COVID, you’ll likely be out of work for several days and that can take a toll on hospital workers and the patients they care for.

As of Monday, Governor Lamont says hospital capacity is not an issue, but he says the state is already seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to hospital staff.

The contagious Omicron variant has made Connecticut a COVID-19 hotspot once again.

“A little worried about burnout of nurses and doctors. We’ve been ahead of the curve there. We’re putting together a sixty day licensing waiver so that nurses and doctors from less COVID afflicted areas can come up to Connecticut and give us some relief. I think that can make a difference. Also, we’re talking about ways where folks in nursing schools can provide some support as well,” Lamont added.

The positivity rate is at 6.85 percent and more mass testing sites will return.

When asked about bringing back the mask mandate, Gov. Lamont says he has no plans to bring one back.

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