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Mayor Elicker discusses school safety and addresses rumors about remote back to school learning

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Officials with the city of New Haven addressed schools and policing during their year-end briefing Wednesday.

COVID continues to be a struggle like everywhere else in the state.

The fire department currently has more than seventeen percent of its people out due to COVID and the police department more than eight percent.

The mayor says they are looking at strategies to deal with this, looking to other towns for mutual aid and also having these public safety people jump the line if necessary with COVID testing in order to get them back to work.

Mayor Elicker also addressed schools. There has been a lot going on on social media, talking about schools in New Haven not reopening due to COVID.

Mayor Elicker shut those rumors down and says school will reopen.

“I want to talk about a rumor going around on social media, about New Haven Public Schools being closed, because that has been getting traction. That is not true. We have every intention, as I said yesterday in the press conference outside city hall, of opening schools next Monday,” Elicker explained.

The mayor says families should try to get access to free rapid tests that will be given out and try to test their kids before going back to class.

He also said to be prepared for kids to potentially remote learn if their classrooms have a lot of COVID cases.

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