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SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB0 – Ski Mount Southington is planning to open this weekend, December 26.

The next few nights they’ll be firing up those snow guns and getting the slopes ready for opening day.

Brian McCloskey is Ski Mount Southington’s Marketing Manager.

He said, “I’m excited. I’m ready for the season.”

It’s a late start but employees at Ski Mount Southington are pumped to finally open for the season.

this is McCloskey’s fifth year at the mountain.

He says last year the mountain was able to open about eight days earlier.

“This is actually only a week, week and a half behind what we normally have been opening which is the middle of December,” said McCloskey.

He said the weather has made opening tricky.

The mountain was set to open for the season on December 11, but because of warm weather, they weren’t able to create artificial snow.

“It’s artificial snow. It’s man-made snow and it’s frozen. It has to be frozen in order for us to make it. We like temperatures below 28 degrees. The humidity has to be pretty low so we can crank as much snow out as possible,” said McCloskey.

Mccloskey says there will be limited terrain and availability on the trails, but that should change if the weather continues to cooperate.

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