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MIDDLEBURY, CT (WFSB) – Lines of cars showed up to the Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department Friday morning to get N95 masks.

“I’m 71 years old and this thing scares the crap out of me,” Carol Olsen said.

The pandemic is almost two years old, but the fear of getting sick is still very raw.

“I think because of the way its growing, the speed that its growing with, it’s kind of scaring everyone,” said Jack Teleposky, who waited for masks.

A little more than a half hour into the event, and the fire department has already given out more than 300 masks.

People showed up despite the fact the town didn’t have their allotment of COVID-19 test kits yet, a delay in the tool promised by the state, along with N95 masks.

Fire Chief Brett Kales says when the at-home tests do come in, they’ll pass those out too.

“I believe we’re getting 990,” he said.

It was an efficient process, a short wait in the car to get a bundle of five masks.

“The 95s have been very hard to get,” Olsen said.

It was just long enough for people to reflect on another year spent covering up, staying in, and wondering when it will end.

“I was hoping that we’d be out of the woods by now. I was hoping that we’d be done with it,” Kales said.

“My grandfather died in the 1917 flu epidemic. I’m going to do everything I can not to die in this one,” Olsen said.

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