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(WFSB) – Police departments around the state said they they’ve been keeping a close eye on schools in the wake of nationwide school threats.

Tik Tok

New Milford Public Schools said the reason was a social media message that popped up on TikTok.

“It has come to our attention that there is a national TikTok message regarding the threat of school shootings in America on Dec. 17,” said Alisha DiCorpo, superintendent, New Milford Public Schools. “This threat is not specific to New Milford Public Schools, but nonetheless, we take matters of safety very seriously.”

DiCorpo said there would be an increased police presence at New Milford schools out of an abundance of caution.

She said the district is working to help students make good choices when it comes to social media posts and asked parents to speak to their children about the impact social media posts can have.

“There will be zero tolerance of these types of actions,” DiCorpo said. “You can begin the conversation by helping children understand the seriousness of these types of threats, and also reminding children that any threat that is made against the schools and school district will be met with serious consequences, up to and including expulsion from school and possible legal action for making threats.”

Southington police said they also increased their presence at Southington High School on Thursday, despite there not being a new threat.

They said a threat from Monday was found to not be credible.

Law enforcement agencies said they continue to investigate a series of threats that were made against schools in the state.

“Out an abundance of caution, there will be an added police presence in and around Southington High School for the remainder of the week and school counselors are available if students need to talk to anyone,” said Mike Crocco, principal, Southington High School, in a letter to the school community.

Naugatuck police said on Thursday that while they hadn’t been made aware of a specific threat against schools, they’ve also been patrolling.

They said the public can anticipate their added presence to increase the community sense of safety during the coming school days.

Connecticut State Police recently revealed that many of the threats they looked into statewide stemmed from a social media trend.

They also said the threats tended to be unfounded.

However, they said anyone found to have been behind them would face consequences.

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