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This has been the gloomiest new year I can recall. There’s usually at least a brief period where we all hope that the year ahead will be better than the year gone by. Even in January of 2021, as bad as things were, the prospect of vaccines and a new president were making us feel hopeful, though the events of Jan. 6 were quick to trample any nascent stirrings of optimism.

To be fair, there’s a lot to feel pessimistic about. The pandemic is entering its third year of terrorizing an exhausted planet as we close in on a million American dead, climate change has thrown the seasons out of whack while producing ever-stronger storms and worsening disasters, war clouds seem to be gathering along Russia’s border with Ukraine, and our nation’s cultural and political death match between red and blue shows no sign of slowing. Normalcy, whatever that was, feels like a distant, ever-receding dream.

And yet, the year ahead may not be nearly as awful as we’re all imagining. There are plenty of good things to look forward to, if only we can convince ourselves to be open to them.

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