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Since the Oxford High School shooting in Michigan, thousands of students in Connecticut have been terrorized by threats of violence in school, leading to lockdowns, school closures and widespread student absences across the state, including in Ansonia, Danbury, Farmington, Greenwich, Hamden, Manchester, New Haven, Norwalk and Norwich. The fear and anxiety was made even worse by the school shooting threats that were rampant on Tik Tok last week. 

Although investigations have determined an absence of credible threats, the damage to student and teacher emotional well-being, and disruptions to learning, are intolerable. Every threat is potentially another Sandy Hook, Columbine or Parkland. Regardless of whether the threat turns out to be real, the damage is done. 

Students can’t learn, and teachers can’t teach, if they don’t feel safe, and are not safe, in their schools.

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