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WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – As the holiday season nears its end, restaurants are trying to squeeze as many orders as they can, whether that’s in-person dining, or takeout orders.

It’s nonstop work in D’Amelio’s kitchen.

Aside from the daily dine-in workload, they’ve got 165 catering orders to do for Christmas Eve.

Orders they’re happy to fill, especially after last holiday season.

Co-owner Gianni D’Amelio said, “depressing. There was no Christmas last year, no catering, no trays, no in-house, nobody came to the restaurant. It was very, very bad. It was sad.”

This year, they’ve hosted several holiday parties again.

Though fears over the omicron variant did create a little obstacle.

“We did have a couple cancellations; a few people cancelled their catering orders and cancelled their reservations here. It’s affected us a little bit, but not as bad as last year,” said D’Amelio.

Cancellations hit the Mona Lisa Restaurant in Wolcott a little harder.

There, owner Saifur Chowdhury says they had six parties of around 20-to-30 people cancel this month.

All because of the omicron variant.

They’re still trying to fill reservations for Christmas Eve.

“Tomorrow, yeah usually we get booked up for New Year’s, Christmas Eve, we haven’t, maybe halfway. Half. Actually, less than half now, maybe around 70, 80, half would be 110, full would be 220 or something like that,” said Chowdhury.

But Chowdhury’s happy to even still be open, he’s going to wait out the fears.

“Once we find out about omicron, really how bad it is, things will get better again, hopefully,” said Chowdhury.

After this Christmas weekend, the focus now is filling up reservations for New Year’s Eve.

D’Amelio’s still has a couple openings for that night, as does Mona Lisa’s in Wolcott.

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