Gov. expresses optimism about CT’s handling of COVID surge | Connecticut News


ROCKY HILL, CT (WFSB) – Connecticut’s governor expressed optimism that the state is responding well to the recent increase in covid cases.

Gov. Ned Lamont addressed the issue at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce holiday breakfast on Tuesday morning.

Lamont stressed that the state’s high vaccination rate is helping to limit the damage being caused by the delta and omicron variants.

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz said on Tuesday that 77.8 percent of hospitalized COVID patents were not fully vaccinated.       

The governor believed that if people kept making smart decisions to protect themselves, everyone will get through the pandemic together.

“We know how to keep ourselves safe,” Lamont said. “We know how to keep our businesses open. We know how to keep our kids in school and that’s just what we are going to do.”

Information about pop-up vaccination clinics around the state can be found here.

Lamont said he does not plan on instituting a statewide mask mandate because so far Connecticut hospitals are doing a good job of handling the increased number of cases.

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