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GLASTONBURY, CT (WFSB) – A Glastonbury family says their Boston Terrier, Henry, woke up their baby girl who was struggling to breath.

The 8-month-old had a cold. She was congested.

“We took her to urgent care Sunday, because her fever was spiking,” Kelly Dowling tells us.

They found some fluid in her left lung, told her parents to monitor her, and take her to her pediatrician during the week.

Monday night, they put her to bed, but Henry, an 8-year-old Boston Terrier, had other plans.

“I could hear his head hit the door and I could see her bedroom door from downstairs swing open. I knew he had gone inside so I shoed him away,” Dowling explained.

But a few minutes later, Henry did the same and went back inside the room.

“And that persisted until he woke her up,” says Dowling.

While Henry does like to poke around at night, if he’s told no, Kelly says he usually stop, so she suspected something was wrong.

“She started to cry and her cry was strange. I brought her downstairs and I could tell she was really struggling, so we tried suctioning some of what was in there out, which is what they tell you to do, but she started to turn blue, rigid,” continued Dowling.

At that point, Kelly and Jeff put her in the car and went to the hospital.

“I don’t think it was a full respiratory arrest, but struggling badly,” Dr. John Brancato of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center said.

Doctors say its a good thing the parents came to the emergency room.

“To my knowledge, the baby is doing very well. [Do you think henry knew something?] I think he did, because that was very abnormal for him to keep pushing his way into the room after he was told not to,” Dr. Brancato stated.

Whether Henry had a sixth sense or was being pesty, Kelly is thankful.

“If he had done nothing and she struggled in there on her own, who knows what could have happened, so I am definitely glad he ended up waking her up,” added Dowling.

Their daughter has a little sniffle now, but is doing much better.

As for Henry, if he didn’t get enough attention before, he’s getting more now and an extra big stocking for Christmas this year.

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