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BEACON FALLS, CT (WFSB) – A Connecticut woman was saved by the heroic efforts of first responders, the trauma unit and physical therapists working together.

Its 3:30 in the morning on Sunday August 29.

The alarms go off at Beacon Falls fire house, and 29-year-old Jailisa Reyes is heading southbound on Route 8.

She comes face to face with a truck going the wrong way.

“My friend Vanessa was in the car with me, and she said- ‘what is that?’  And I looked and there were bright lights coming at us and within seconds the cars collided together,” said Reyes. “I look in the mirror and I still can’t believe all of that happened.”

Reyes had numerous hero’s that Sunday morning. 

First responders got to the crash scene within minutes.

Six minutes after the call, firefighters were on scene, helping Reyes breath while cutting her out of the wreck, and attending to her passenger’s fractured wrist.

Then 30 minutes after the crash, the trauma team at Waterbury hospital took over.

Beacon Hose Fire Chief Brian Degeorge said, “everything worked together and everybody did their job but, but she’s the hero here.  She’s the one that wanted to be here.”

Reyes lost a lot of blood and went into cardiac arrest.

Career firefighter Jeremy Rodorigo was first to her side.

“They literally had to crack open her chest and massage her heart manually.  While they were still doing that, she was squeezing the nurse’s hands,” said Rodorigo.

She did lose a leg, but miraculously, after just two and a half weeks she awoke from a coma and got out of the ICU.

“I do know that I was not leaving my son, I was not leaving him,” said Reyes.

We facetimed with her 9-year-old son Mark, a 4th grader

“When I found out she was in a coma I got scared…so I started praying,” said Mark.

Reyes stated, “I remember waking up and someone’s like, ‘do you know where you are?’ and I’m like, no. They’re like you’re in the hospital and everything else is black from there.”

Veteran EMS captain Peter Monti said, “I think there was a force greater than all of us guiding us all that night because it’s hard to explain how everything just came together in the manner that it did to create the result that it did because, because she’s here.”

Reyes said her late grandfather, her guardian angel, pushed her to live and reunite weeks later with her heroes, the first responders and doctors.

“When she came down here, five weeks later to thank us, phenomenal. Unbelievable, it doesn’t happen…it’s like everything needed to be lined up and everything was,” said Beacon Hose Firefighter and EMT Jim Trzaski.

“I’m very grateful because had they took 10 minutes more, I probably wouldn’t be here,” said Reyes.

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