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CONNECTICUT. (WFSB) – COVID has been spreading here in Connecticut, but it’s surging even faster in Massachusetts.

Some hospitals there are running out of ICU beds.

Right now, Connecticut hospitals are taking non-COVID patients to free up space for people who get infections, but does that leave space for people here in Connecticut?

Kevin Dieckhaus is the UConn Health Chief of Infectious Diseases.

He said, “we are seeing a rise in hospitalizations and in fact some of those are in the ICU.”

As COVID surges in Connecticut, so too are hospitalizations.

Officials at Hartford Healthcare say their hospitals are caring for 168 COVID patients, up 200 percent since the end of October.

A total of 414 people are hospitalized statewide, that is still far fewer than the 1,200 patients a year ago.

How are Connecticut hospitals helping other states that are facing overcrowding?

Dr. Ulysses Wu, system director of infectious disease at Hartford Healthcare, said, “we have, from a small standpoint, come from out of state, but we’re not openly saying give us every COVID patient.”

Hartford healthcare and UConn Health both say they are taking non-COVID patients.

Why not take COVID-infected patients, too?

Dieckhaus said, “with COVID, you’ve got the infection risks and concerns.”

Doctors also say our hospitals can add capacity, like we did earlier in the pandemic.

We can convert rooms into ICU units, and we can bring back field hospitals.

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