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CONNECTICUT. (WFSB) – Connecticut is close to having vaccine passport, but will businesses use the technology?

Governor Ned Lamont says he wants to see vaccine passports by the end of the month.

His office is working with surrounding states.

Will this mean vaccines are necessary to enter restaurants and businesses, like in New York City?

Lamont says no. He’s making this available to businesses that want to require vaccines themselves. But some businesses have questions of their own.

“I’m trying to say, ‘here’s one more tool for businesses to keep their businesses and customers safe,’” said Lamont.

The owner here at Lucky Lou’s, Lucas Kyriakos, agrees that we need to get more people vaccinated.

He’s seen business slowdown in recent weeks.

He has questions about how vaccine passports will work.

Kyriakos wants to know if there will be training for his staff at Lucky Lou’s in Wethersfield.

“They don’t know what they’re looking at, so we all have to be trained,” said Kyriakos.

Cyber security expert Tim Weber agrees that the app has to be easy for people and businesses to use, “otherwise it won’t get adopted and then at that point, the state will have spent a ton of money for no good reason.”

Event venues could also use the passports.

The Xfinity theater and Bushnell already require vaccines.

The convention center said they would prefer to leave it up to their clients to decide whether they would like to add a requirement for their event.

Kyriakos says he wants more people to get vaccinated, but he’s reluctant to add new rules that could turn some people away.

“I don’t know what the right answer is, but I know we all can’t be the police,” said Kyriakos.

Opinions on vaccine mandates have been split.

A Gallup poll this fall found 53 percent of people support requiring a vaccine to eat in a restaurant.

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