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(WFSB) – Areas across the state are experiencing snow, sleet, and freezing rain, all causing slippery roads.

Crews in Tolland County are working to keep roads safe for drivers.

Michael Purcaro, a Vernon emergency management director says, “we’ve been working on the roads all day today and have crews ready to go tonight.”

Purcaro says the town is prepared for whatever weather comes their way.

“We have about twelve crews at our disposal. We’ll start off based on what the snow needs us to do but if it starts getting worse, we’ll have more crews,” says Purcaro.

Willington resident Chuck Kearns says they are also preparing for the weather.

“It’s New England. You just have to make sure you got good tires, very important. Good tires, fill up your tank, make sure you got heat in your furnace and you should be good to go,” says Kearns.

Although tonight’s weather will most likely be done by morning,

it could still lead to slippery roads tomorrow. State and town officials are warning everyone to have patience on the roads.

“Take your time. Mae sure you give yourself a little extra distance between the plow trucks in front of you and stay home if you need to and allow the public works crews around the state to do their job and the state DOT as well,” says Purcaro.

Kearns says, “you have to prepare yourself. You can’t drive like a cowboy like al lot of people do around here. You have to just take it easy.”

Roads could still be icy tomorrow morning.

Stay with Channel 3 as we track this weather. 

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