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(WFSB) – Districts across Connecticut are facing potential teacher shortages.

School districts who are already short-staffed are concerned about the rose potential COVID after the holiday break.

According to several local schools, they are doing everything they can to avoid remote learning.

Fran Rabinowitz, the executive director of the Ct Association of Public-School Superintendents says, “Nothing is more important than having our children in school.”

Rabinowitz says they are concerned about school staffing shortages in several key areas.

“We’re worried about not having enough bus drivers, food service staff, all of the staff in order to run the schools smoothly,” says Rabinowitz.

She says more than 95% of their teachers are vaccinated, yet districts are still seeing breakthrough cases. Rabinowitz says districts are still planning to open January 3 but are working to avoid remote leering.

“They’re being very, very proactive in trying to ensure that they have substitutes. The students from college are home, we’re trying to bring them in,” says Rabinowitz.

Earlier today Governor Lamont announced two million tests will be distributed to public schools.

N95 masks will be distributed town by town as well.

Rabinowitz says she’s hoping schools will stay open, but she says that is a decision that will be made on a district-by-district basis.

“Every superintendent, every principal has to determine what is safe for their school districts,” Rabinowitz says.

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