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(WFSB) –As the holidays are days away, many Connecticut residents are requiring a negative COVID test before spending time with family.

“We’re going to a family party that’s a little bit odd. We’ve got to do COVID tests that they’re handing out before we go. But I do understand,” says Wethersfield resident Andrei Mihai.

Monday the governor announced the amount of reported COVID tests are over 90,000. 

Many residents are struggling to find a COVID test. For some, it is impacting their holiday plans.

“We’re still up in the air but it comes down to. We decided everyone would get tested beforehand and testing isn’t available. We can’t get appointments, “says Glastonbury resident Alycen.

Governor Lamont is pushing for more testing. Monday, he announced plans to add more testing sites and expand site hours.

As of right now, there are 400 testing sites in Connecticut.

Governor Lamont says 23 of those will extend their hours. He also plans to add seven new testing sites.

“Give us a couple weeks but we are expanding testing every day to make that more available,” Governor Lamont says in a press conference Monday.

Increased demand for testing means labs are taking longer to get results. Doctors with Hartford Healthcare say it’s important to plan ahead, especially if people are traveling this holiday season.

“There is some unpredictability. The lab’s capacity to turn it around, don’t think it’s hard to get a testing done, but a little bit of a constraint for lab to get you results by the time you need it,” says Dr. James Cardon, a Chief Clinical Integration Officer from Hartford Healthcare.

Pharmacies are also working to make sure take-home tests are in stock at all stores.

“They are going to be expanding testing as well. Drive through no appointments necessary,” Governor Lamont says.

CVS released a statement saying:

“We’re continuing to work around the clock to provide our local stores with ongoing inventory of the five over the counter at-home COVID-19 tests we offer. In the event a local store experiences a temporary shortage, our teams have a process in place to rapidly replenish supply.”

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