Connecticut Gang War – East End VS North End – Brazzie 150 PT VS ONE & GB Hollow – Bridgeport Part 2


As alleged in court documents and statements made in court, in an effort to address escalating violence in Bridgeport, the FBI, ATF, DEA, U.S. Marshals, and Bridgeport Police are actively investigating multiple Bridgeport-based groups whose members are involved in narcotics trafficking, murder and other acts of violence. the “East End gang,” began as a local street gang based in the East End of Bridgeport, but currently has members and associates who are either incarcerated or living throughout Bridgeport and surrounding towns. The indictment alleges, that the East End gang distributed heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and Percocet pills; used and shared firearms; and committed murder and other acts of violence against rival gang members and other individuals. East End members celebrated their criminal conduct on social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube, and committed acts of intimidation and made threats to deter potential witnesses to their crimes. The gang has been aligned with other groups, including the PT Barnum Gang, the East Side gang and 150, which is a geographic gang based on the West Side of Bridgeport. These groups were aligned against rival organizations in Bridgeport, including the “Original North End,” (“OH N E.”), and the (“GHB/Hotz”) GANG. The “Greene Homes Boyz”, (“GHB/Hotz gang”), is a gang based in the Charles F. Greene Homes Housing Complex in Bridgeport’s North End. Since approximately 2017, GHB/Hotz members have been aligned with members of the “Original North End” (“OH N E.”), a gang based in the Trumbull Gardens area of Bridgeport. These allied gang members are involved in narcotics trafficking and numerous violent acts, including murder. At about noon on Aug. 10, 2014, Ryan Hernandez had been standing at the corner of Park Avenue and Olive Street, when a dark-colored car pulled up. Video from a surveillance camera on a nearby store showed a man with a black shirt over his head get out of the car and confront Hernandez. Hernandez was pistol whipped in the head, afterward, he received a shot to the chest by the man. The assailant then got back into the car and it drove off. Police said shortly thereafter, they began getting numerous calls that Fab and “Moo Moo,“ were responsible for the murder. Fabe francis And Jamal Moo Moo Hamilton, were GHB boys, also referred to, as green hollow boys. Moo Moo, was considered the big homie and leader of the Gang. Detectives then checked video surveillance from the Greene Homes housing complex, the headquarters of the GHB boys, and found that one of the cameras had captured a person appearing to be Fab, just before the shooting, wearing the same clothes as the shooter and standing with another man wearing a black shirt. Cameras at the complex showed a youth returning in the getaway car minutes after the shooting. Allegedly, 21 year old Hernandez was a member of the 150 gang, who were allied with the east end gang. Kah-lee davis, 16 at the time, was the driver for this incident. On May 22, 2015, police responded to a report of shots fired to find a 19-year-old city man lying in the road at Park and Shelton streets. The man, K.J, had been shot five times, twice in the buttocks, once in the back, once in the abdomen and once in the arm, police said. Allegedly, K.J was a member or associate of the 150 gang. Detectives asked who had shot him while he was in the ambulance truck. K.J gasped, “G,” police said. They said he then flashed them a hand signal used by members of the Green Hollow or Green Boyz gang. Detectives would wait until K.J recovered from surgery before trying to pry more information out of him about the shooting. K.J said he had been walking north on Park Street, when he saw GHB member, Undrea Kirkland, a/k/a, spooda, running toward him holding a chrome handgun. According to detectives, K.J and Spooda had gotten into a fight before, and allegedly, K.J beat him down.


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