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(WFSB) – A recent spike in the COVID positivity rate throughout Connecticut is forcing colleges and universities to revisit their plans.

The University of Connecticut (UConn) announced Thursday that the first two weeks of the spring semester will be remote. UConn also pushed back residential move-in at its Storrs and Stamford Campuses.

The school also mentioned they were considering a required booster shot in the future.

A required booster shot is a decision a lot of college campuses are considering. Quinnipiac requires an extra booster shot once students are eligible.

The University of New Haven plans to make a similar announcement once the school figures out the logistics.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities have not made any changes for the entire system of regional universities and community colleges. However, each campus could have its own precautions.

For instance, Central Connecticut State University said Monday that its classes for the winter session will be virtual.

School officials say one of their top priorities is to make sure campuses can reopen safely.

“UConn is, like the rest of the country, very concerned about the presence of the omicron virus and how aggressive it is,” says UConn dean Eleanor Daugherty.

Jason Rojas, the chief of staff at Trinity College says he thinks this variant will cause people to adjust.

“I do think we’re headed in a direction of people, in their minds, recognize we have to learn to live with it, and they don’t really want to go back to where we were last year,” says Rojas.

Many school officials say that the CDC’s guidelines look different based on the size and make-up of the school’s campus.

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