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(WFSB) – Connecticut is now letting people use their phones to prove their vaccinated, but how can you get a vaccine passport if you want one?

It’s a very easy process.

Vaccine passports are available in Connecticut.

It’s the same thing you would do if you needed a paper copy of your vaccine records, but now that the technology is here, there are a lot of questions about how this information will be used.

“You’ve got it there for whenever you need it, very simple,” Connecticut’s Chief Operating Officer, Josh Geballe, stated.

So how does it work?

You can go to and request your vaccine record. When you ask for a new copy of your vaccine record, that document now has a QR code.

“You scan that QR code with your phone and it will automatically pop a digital health card into your digital wallet,” Geballe explained.

Do people have to get a vaccine passport?

“This is an option for businesses to use if they’d like to and many in Connecticut have. Many of the performing arts venues, the Bushnell, the Shubert require vaccination for entry,” continued Geballe.

But house minority leader Vincent Candelora is worried that some essential business could start requiring vaccines.

“To suggest that, CVS, their entire chain, can say nobody can have access to our building unless you’re vaccinated, that’s problematic for people who need their prescriptions or that need to go to a grocery store,” Candelora said.

Republicans also want to know how the state is protecting our healthcare data. Geballe says smart health IT already maintains the state’s vaccine database.

“It’s the same vendor, it’s just a new feature that they’ve added,” says Geballe.

So will businesses use vaccine passports?

“It gets rid of some of the uncertainty out there and, especially, if you are subject to one of the federal requirements,” Eric Gjede, vice president of public policy for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, stated.

“We support a universal system that anybody wants to use it, but at the same, our industry is fearful of any kind of mandate,” Scott Dolch, executive director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, added.

Some restaurants already require proof of vaccine to enter, but Dolch says he does not think having vaccine passports will get more business to do the same.

Geballe says these health cards should work in New York, where they use Excelsior.

If you want a vaccine a passport, you can head here to learn more.

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